• material: CRYPTALLOY
  • thickness: 100 µm
  • width: 1000 mm
  • weight per square meter: approximately 0.175 kg
  • coated in LDPE (coating options on request)
  • may be laminated (for example on cardboard)
  • hermetically sealed, waterproof, water-vapor-proof
  • grease- and gas-proof
  • weldable
  • washable (no warranty; tests by manufacturer necessary)
  • temperature resistant (heat- and cold-resistant)
  • sealable barrier material for corrosion protective packaging according to TL8135-0003-1 and DIN 55531-1, respectively
  • REACH-compliant (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals; eur-lex.europa.eu)
  • no allergenic and no toxigological components
  • does not contain any hazardous substances in compliance with the EU Directive 2002/95/EC Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

NEW: Version with/without adhesive

The rolls in the standard dimensions can also be produced with an adhesive layer. This self-adhesive version can be tailored to different widths.
When a roll is ordered, the type of adhesive substance or the kind of adhesive layer, respectively, is specified above all by the client. It is required that clients specify the adhesive substance and the material to which the foil should adhere.

Nonstandard dimensions

From a minimum order quantity of 1000m² (standard roll), custom-made products with custom dimensions are available with or without lining, without any surcharge.

At the factory, CRYPTALLOY is milled to a foil and coated with polyethylene after smelting.
In order to be compatible with conventional processing machines, the rollstock is identical in construction to traditional aluminum barrier foil, yet with clearly improved shielding properties in the complete range of frequency.
The material may be easily cut and welded.

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