Privacy is threatened by RFID technology
RFID chips contain personal data encoded on credit cards, debit cards, identity cards, employee badges, car and bike sharing cards and passports.

As this technology progresses, security and privacy threats also evolve.

CRYPTALLOY foil protects you maximally from

  • Data theft and data abuse
  • Payment fraud
  • Identity theft and identity fraud
  • Damage of the RFID chip (RFID transponder) resulting from external influences

1 Transparent Layer | 2 Document | 3 Inner Layer | 4 Cryptalloy | 5 Basic Layer

Attenuation and shielding are achieved on the one hand by a reflection of the electromagnetic fields through a combination of a high permeable metal alloy and aluminum, on the other hand, the resonant circuits of the RFID chip are prevented from oscillating through another addition to the alloy when surface contact or even just an approach takes place.
The RFID blocking material is inserted as an intermediate layer (lining).

In order to reach effective RFID shielding, passports or cards do not even need to be enclosed by CRYPTALLOY (Faraday cage); the mere presence of the material in close proximity (quasi contact) is already sufficient.

With CRYPTALLOY, your customers regain control over their own data.

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