Certification Program

Inspection (Tests)

Your articles which are equipped with CRYPTALLOY RFID shielding foil offer your customers maximal RFID shielding and thus protection of their privacy.

tuev_zertifikatCRYPTALLOY has been tested by SGS/TUV Saarland Forster GmbH for RF attenuation capabilities and verified qualification for shielding of RFID/HFC tags against unauthorized access in commercial frequency bands of 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz and 900 MHzaccording MILSTD-285 / NSA65-6 / IEEE299 / EN50147-1 .

To provide security, correct application and a final functional check are necessary.


  • the CRYPTALLOY material is constantly tested in the laboratories of Kryptronic Technologies
  • the products of its customers undergo extensive tests.

Manufacturers and Kryptronic Technologies are interested in optimizing the products’ RFID shielding properties;

  • In close cooperation with its manufacturers, Kryptronic Technologies supports the correct processing of the RFID shielding material CRYPTALLOY already during the development phase (quick analysis).mounting instructions
    This also includes a sampling inspection on request..
  • before the start of production:
    Before serial production starts, consumer products once more undergo an internal test procedure and, if the results are positive, are certified by Kryptronic Technologies (initial inspection).

    Test Laboratory
  • during serial production (random inspections):
    Random in-process inspections from current production (follow-up inspection).


The general shielding of electromagnetic radio signals is tested in the most frequent RFID frequencies with the aid of appropriate measurement equipment:

  • 125 kHz
  • 13,56 MHz
  • 433 MHz
  • 868 MHz

In order to verify results, a test for practicability is performed with various RFID readers and writers under real-life conditions. For the test, standard RFID cards in ISO size are used. The test results are scientifically reproducible.

Fact sheet certification program: Certification.pdf

Testing Seal and Seal of Approval

Kryptronic Technologies does not issue the testing seal with certificate until all inspections were successfully passed.
You recognize products certified by Kryptronic Technologies according to the following seal of approval:


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    125 kHz

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